Tiger's Eye Set

Tiger's Eye Set


Tiger's Eye and 925 sterling silver matching pendant and earring set, in six different designs. Sizes approx.; 

Heart- Pendant 2.5 x 1.5cm, Earrings 2 x 1.5cm

Rectangle- Pendant 2.5 x 1cm, Earrings 2.5 x 1cm 

Oval- Pendant 3 x 1.25cm, Earrings 2 x 1cm 

Kite- Pendant 3.5 x 1.5cm, Earrings 3 x 1.25cm

Oblong- Pendant 3 x 1cm, Earrings 2 x 0.8cm

Round- Pendant 3 x 2 cm, Earrings 2.5 x 1cm

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    Please note that, due to reasons of hygiene, we cannot accept the return of earrings, unless they are damaged or faulty.


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